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AutoTracing ⭐

AutoTracing ⭐

AutoTracing Demo

While drawing / cutting it is possible to auto trace the coordinates of another Layer. Exclusive for Leaflet-Geoman Pro ⭐{ autoTracing: true });

See the available options in the table below.

autoTracingtrueEnables auto tracing while drawing.
autoTraceMaxZoom10Until which zoom level the coordinates of the layers in the viewport will be used.
autoTraceMaxDistance20The distance to the layer when a snap for auto tracing should happen.

Here's a list of map events you can listen to:

pm:autotracestarteFired when auto tracing is started and connected with a layer.
pm:autotracelinechangeeFired when auto tracing hintline is changed.hintLatLngs
pm:autotraceendeFired when auto tracing is ended.