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$0 / month

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Draw and edit geodata.

  • Draw polygons like rectangles, multi polygons and circles on the map
  • Draw polylines and markers on the map
  • Edit, move, cut and delete shapes on the map
  • Automatic Snapping to nearby coordinates
  • Create and manipulate shapes and properties in the code editor
  • 4 map styles: Basic, Satellite, Dark, Bright
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$4.99 / month

billed annually
$7,99 when billed monthly

Store and share your geodata, created with advanced drawing and editing features.

  • Everything from Basic
  • Store your geodata in the Geoman cloud and make sure your work is saved
  • Send a link to your geodata to colleagues, partners or customers to collaborate
  • Toggle Snapping to create more detailed shapes
  • Toggle Pinning to edit multiple shapes with shared coordinates
  • 4 map styles: Street, Satellite Street, Monochrome, Outdoors
  • Import & Export Shapefile, TopoJSON, WKT
  • Priority Support


$49.99 / month

billed annually
$58,99 when billed monthly

Professional drawing, editing and customization for mission-critical geodata.

  • Everything from Hobby
  • Batch edit data and properties
  • Display units like distances and areas of shapes on the map
  • Customize color of shapes
  • Access your geodata programmatically via API
  • Navigation map style
  • Custom map styles
  • Personal Onboarding and Support