The source of truth for your geospatial data.

One Source

Finally let all your internal and consumer-facing applications use the same source for geospatial data and meta information.

Update for example your Points Of Interests (POI) and have all applications represent that change immediately.

Visual Toolbox

No need to manually edit coordinates or write complex code to edit geospatial data. Use a rich, visual interface to manage your data and complex geometries in an easy and intuitive way.

Drag markers to change coordinates, cut holes in polygons and snap points to each other for precise segmentation. It even works on your iPad.

Powerful API

Access your data securely and fast from anywhere in the world and connect it to your other apps and systems.

Writing via our API enables your to automate updates of your coordinates and meta data for example from data analytics systems or the latest sales data - in realtime.

Business Area Optimization

Optimize your business area in realtime based on demand, sales and other relevant conditions. Update your segementation automatically from your data analytics software via our powerful API.

Changing sales territories, prices or attaching unique, location based offers has never been easier.

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Geospatial Analysis

Run your analytics with the latest geospatial data and attach business relevant meta data to your segments.

Your geospatial segmentation and the corresponding meta information is always available so your customer apps and internal systems can work with up-to-date data.

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Pricing Plans

Geoman Basic

  • Support Leaflet.PM OSS
  • Import, Draw, Edit and Export Data
  • Store 200 Shapes
  • Manage Data via API

Leaflet.PM Supporter

499€ / year
  • Support Leaflet.PM OSS
  • 1 hour video chat to tune your usage
  • Commercial Leaflet.PM License
  • Import, Draw, Edit and Export Data
  • Store Shapes
  • Manage Data via API

Geoman Business

  • Support Leaflet.PM OSS
  • Import, Draw, Edit and Export Data
  • Store Unlimited Shapes
  • Manage Data via API
  • Influence Enterprise Features

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