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From real estate to urban mobility - our experts created Geoman from their experience in various industries and the needs for centralized, powerful and user-friendly geospatial data management.

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Keep your geospatial data up-to-date in any place you're using it. Mobile apps, websites, internal business applications - everything will be in sync because you can distribute your data using our powerful API.

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The most powerful online GeoJSON Editor

Our GeoJSON Editor is a quick and simple but powerful tool for creating, viewing, editing and sharing your geospatial data.

November 04, 2019

How Charging Infrastructure Providers Distribute Their Stations to Partners using Geoman

Car manufacturers push towards an electric future. This requires large scale charging infrastructure and proper data distribution to make them accessible to drivers. Enter: Geoman.

October 21, 2019

How Mobility Startups Manage Their Operating Area Using Geoman

Mobility startups are changing the way we all travel. Here is how they use Geoman to manage their operating area.

October 18, 2019