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The following methods are available on L.PM.Utils:

calcMiddleLatLng(map, latlng1, latlng2)LatLngReturns the middle LatLng between two LatLngs.
getTranslation(path)StringReturns the translation of the passed path. path = json-string f.ex. tooltips.placeMarker.
findLayers(map)ArrayReturns all layers that are available for Leaflet-Geoman.
circleToPolygon(circle, sides = 60, withBearing = true)PolygonConverts a circle into a polygon with default 60 sides. For CRS.Simple maps withBearing needs to be false.
pxRadiusToMeterRadius(radiusInPx, map, center)NumberConverts a px-radius (CircleMarker) to meter-radius (Circle). The center LatLng is needed because the earth has different projections on different places.