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Professional Geometry Drawing & Editing for Leaflet Maps

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Powerful New Features


High Performance

5 new options enable your users to edit huge datasets without any lag. Smooth rendering and improved visual clarity provide a much improved user experience.



Make layers stick to each other! Edit the coordinates of a layer and each layer sharing this coordinate will be edited as well.



No matter what your users are drawing, Leaflet-Geoman Pro shows you length, width, height, area, radius, perimeter and the current position in the metric or imperial system.



Split any layer into multiple layers to segment a big area into smaller ones. This makes the creation of adjacent polygon structures a breeze.

And so much more

  •   Draw any leaflet.js layer
  •   Edit any leaflet.js layer
  •   Multipolygon Support
  •   Support for Holes
  •   Multi-Language
  •   Dragging
  •   Removing
  •   Cutting
  •   Pinning
  •   Snapping for precision editing
  •   Intersection detection
  •   Visual Toolbar
  •   Rich API
  •   Events System
  •   Optional Opt-In

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase?

Contact sales with a description of your project and needs. We would love to power your geospatial management needs.

Can I purchase for another end-user?

Yes, you can. Each purchase will get you a license key which you can distribute to your client.

Is the license per user/app/domain?

The license is per application, doesn't matter how big or small.

How do I receive the library?

You will receive a download link for the library. Additionally, you will get a license key with which you will be able to install Leaflet-Geoman Pro through npm in the near future.

Can I do a one-time payment?

Leaflet-Geoman Pro is constantly updated and maintained which means its license is purchased on a recurring, annual basis.

Is there a discount?

If you are a non-profit or open-source project, please reach out. We are happy to support with discounts.

What happens when I cancel?

If you cancel and you reach the end of the billing cycle your license expires and you can't install Leaflet-Geoman Pro through npm anymore.

Example: if you buy in January 2019 and you cancel in February 2019, you will be able to use Leaflet-Geoman Pro regularly until January 2020.

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