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Professional Geometry Drawing & Editing for Leaflet Maps

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Powerful New Features


High Performance

5 new options enable your users to edit huge datasets without any lag. Smooth rendering and improved visual clarity provide a much improved user experience. Read more



Make layers stick to each other! Edit the coordinates of a layer and each layer sharing this coordinate will be edited as well. Read more



Give your users a super easy, visual way to toggle their most needed options, like Pinning and Snapping, right from the Toolbar. Read more


Geometry Rotation

Rotate all layers around any origin optionally snapping to different angles. Angles or angle-stepsize can be defined through options. (Release soon)

And so much more

  •   Draw any leaflet.js layer
  •   Edit any leaflet.js layer
  •   Multipolygon Support
  •   Support for Holes
  •   Multi-Language
  •   Dragging
  •   Removing
  •   Cutting
  •   Pinning
  •   Snapping for precision editing
  •   Intersection detection
  •   Visual Toolbar
  •   Rich API
  •   Events System
  •   Optional Opt-In

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase?

Can I purchase for another end-user?

Yes, you can. Each purchase will get you a license key which you can distribute to your client.

Is the license per user/app/domain?

The license is per application, doesn't matter how big or small.

How do I receive the library?

You will receive a download link for the library. Additionally, you will get a license key with which you will be able to install Leaflet-Geoman Pro through npm in the near future.

Can I do a one-time payment?

Leaflet-Geoman Pro is constantly updated and maintained which means its license is purchased on a recurring, annual basis.

Is there a discount?

If you are a non-profit or open-source project, please reach out. I'm happy to support with discounts.

What happens when I cancel?

If you cancel and you reach the end of the billing cycle your license expires and you can't install Leaflet-Geoman Pro through npm anymore.

Example: if you buy in January 2019 and you cancel in February 2019, you will be able to use Leaflet-Geoman Pro regularly until January 2020.

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$1.999 / year