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We open-source our geometry editing tools for leaflet.js to any developer for free so you can build on top of it.

leaflet.js plugin open source
  • Draw any leaflet layer
  • Edit any leaflet layer
  • Supports Multipolygons and Holes
  • Snapping
  • Dragging
  • Removal
  • Multi-Language
Get started
npm i @geoman-io/leaflet-geoman-free

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Leaflet-Geoman Pro

$99 / month paid annually

Companies need more advanced features, reliability and support. In our Pro version, we offer everything from the open source version and add many advanced features for big scale projects like:

  • Everything from the OSS version
  • High performance for massive data 🚀
  • Option Toolbar
  • Pinning
  • Priority feature & issue support
  • Commercial License
  • 1 hour video call to tune your usage

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