The Geoman Blog

February 9th, 2020

Pinning - now in Leaflet-Geoman Pro ⭐

Today I'm adding Pinning to Leaflet-Geoman Pro (get access). The Pinning feature allows your users to pin shared coordinates together during edit. Any sophisticated dataset probably has some polygons, markers or other shapes that share a point. When editing your data, those shared points often should stay together. Pinning them makes exactly that possible.

Adjacent Polygons stick together with Pinning enabled

Naturally, Leaflet-Geoman supports all GeoJSON shapes just as Leaflet so Pinning does not only work for Polygons. Your users will be able to pin points from any leaflet layer together to keep your data as you need it.

Any leaflet layers stick together as long as they share a point

Enabling and disabling the Pinning functionality works as easy as any other Leaflet-Geoman functionality. Toggle it programatically by passing the option pinning: true to enable draw/edit, or by using the new Option-Toolbar.

The Options-Toolbar lets you toggle the Pinning option as well as Snapping through a beautiful UI. More functionality will come to this third toolbar block that is exclusive to Leaflet-Geoman Pro ⭐.

Leaflet-Geoman Pro is a drop-in replacement for Leaflet-Geoman, with more powerful features and prioritized support. As a Pro customer, your feature requests define my major roadmap for Leaflet-Geoman Pro.