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October 18th, 2019

How Mobility Startups Manage Their Operating Area Using Geoman

Mobility startups are currently changing the way we all travel from A to B and especially in urban areas, demand for alternative modes of transportations are high. In order to balance demand supply, mobility companies tightly control their business area to serve as many people as possible while keeping the utilization of their assets as high as possible. That means sharable scooters, bikes and cars should be used as much as possible and drivers of ride-hailing apps want to be in areas where customers need a ride.

Using Geoman, mobility providers can easily create and manage their operating area by drawing one or more polygons in the Geoman Studio. To exclude specific areas like private streets, parks or other areas where e.g. scooters should not be able to be parked, they use our cutting features to cut holes in the polygon.

Once finished, an operating area for Berlin might look like this:

Berlin Operating Area, with excluded Zones and special Parking Zone at the Airport

Not only can administrators easily edit, extend or otherwise alter the business area in Geoman - developers can fetch this data even easier. Save the operating area in the cloud in the layer will have a button that opens a URL to fetch retrieve the geospatial data as GeoJSON. An API key as been created in the background and is already attached to the URL. You can safely share that link with your developers.

Developers now integrate the operating area in client apps and geofencing mechanisms to prevent any scooter, car or other asset to park outside the operating area. Or drivers can see which area they should stay in to reach the most customers. When an administrator updates the operating area in Geoman, all clients automatically reflect the chances so your data is always up to date and managing an operating area is super simple.

Some mobility providers even take this a step forward to dynamically update their operating area. Data scientist calculate the best boundaries for an operating area at any given time through an algorithm that factors in different factors relevant to the business (weather, current demand, big events, demonstrations, etc) and update the layer stored in Geoman through the Geoman API every hour.
That means, the operating area is slightly changing every hour automatically while all users as well as all internal systems always have the latest version.

This is just one way Geoman helps mobility startups to accelerate by making managing geospatial data a breeze.

Find out how Geoman can help your business manage, visualize and distribute your geospatial data faster, more efficient and convinient.