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October 21st, 2019

How Charging Infrastructure Providers Distribute Their Stations to Partners using Geoman

The electric mobility revolution is coming. Big car manufacturers continue to commit the push towards an electric future for our individual transportation needs. This requires large scale charging infrastructure across countries and continents and proper data management and distribution to make them as accessible as possible for drivers.

The positions of these stations are key to how drivers plan their routes and to make the journey as convenient as possible, drivers need access to those locations from any app they are using for their trip. This could be a trip planer app, the in-car navigation system or a third party website. Charging providers conveniently manage the locations of their charging stations as well as the necessary and informational meta data in Geoman to easily distribute that data to their partners.

In the Geoman Studio, markers that represent the charging stations are drawn on the map, grouped by cities, legal entities or any other grouping and stored in the cloud.

Charger Network managed through Geoman

Each group, or dataset, of charging stations now has an API link providers can share with their developers and partners to retrieve up-to-date data like the location, possible style-guidelines for clients, special pricing, opening hours, charger type, etc.

An example payload for one charger might look like this:

  "id": "dee20138-22c7-4229-ba6d-1381d365e0e2",
  "geojson": {
    "type": "Feature",
    "properties": {
      "shape": "Marker",
      "name": "New York - 3rd Street Charger",
      "category": "default",
      "address_line_1": "512 Third Street",
      "address_line_2": "",
      "address_notes": "Parking is most convenient at 1234 4th Street, Parking Structure #1.",
      "chargers": "3",
      "city": "New York City",
      "country": "United States",
      "destination_website": "",
      "directions_link": ",-74.021201",
      "hours": "Hours: Monday - Sunday 07:00am - 10:00pm",
      "postal_code": "90401",
      "price_factor": 1.2
    "geometry": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [
  "updatedAt": {
    "_seconds": 1571653393,
    "_nanoseconds": 133000000
  "createdAt": {
    "_seconds": 1571653393,
    "_nanoseconds": 133000000

Partners simply fetch the data for their own users and applications. The data can not only be used to show the stations on a map but for proper route planning for the user as well as detailed information what is available at the station like restaurants, restrooms and more. Providers easly update any charger location or information through Geoman and their clients will reflect that data immediately. No need for any developer work. This makes Geoman and it's API a powerful tool in the geospatial data management of charging infrastructure providers.

Find out how Geoman can help your business manage, visualize and distribute your geospatial data faster, more efficient and convinient.